What are Lightroom Presets?

   A preset is a group of settings for editing photos in Adobe Lightroom. Another name for it is ”filter” which gives a great look to your photos in just one click.
Our presets are compatible with Android, IOS, Mac & PC, so you can use them no matter what device you own.

How do I access the presets after I have made the purchase?

After you make the purchase, you will be redirected to your order page from where you can download your presets. The order page can be accessed as many times you wish, as you can reach it later from email which you will receive after you make the payment.
If for any reason you haven’t got it, please let us know at contact@empirepresets.com

What app do I need to use the presets?

Our presets work for both mobile and desktop versions of Lightroom. Mobile app can be downloaded for FREE from App Store (iPhone)  and Google Play (Android).
The desktop version of Lightroom has a monthly subscription fee. The desktop version is widely used by professional photographers.

What version of Adobe Lightroom do they work on?

Our presets are compatible with all Abode Lightroom versions.

For the desktop Lightroom, our presets are compatible even with older versions, as they are in the .lrtemplate and .XMP format.


Do I need knowledge in edit and photography for using the presets?

Presets are one click set-ups. That means your photo will be enhanced in just seconds. However, sometimes could be needed a little adjustment of exposure, contrast, etc. All depends on the photos you are going to edit, the light on them, colors and so on.


What should I do if I don’t know how to download the presets?

Do not worry, a step-by-step guide is attached to your order. There you will find all the information you need, which includes photo instructions and explanations.
Also, we are here to help you with additional information.


Are presets a one-time payment?

There are two types of plans on our store, one of them is a basic collection which is one-time payment and bundle which can be purchased only with a subscription plan.

If I buy a new device, can I use my presets?

Of course, you can download them from the order page for more devices. The order page can be accessed from our e-mail of payment confirmation.

What if I lose my presets?

Do not worry, you can send us an email with your order details and we will send you a new download link.

Can I use the presets on my phone pictures?

YES, you can use them on the photos made from your mobile phone. It is very easy. You just have to import the pictures to the “Lightroom CC” app of your phone and apply the preset you like.


Can I use the presets to edit an unlimited amount of photos?

Yes! You may use your presets to edit an unlimited amount of photos.

After I pay for this, will it be already installed in my Lightroom app or do I have to download them manually?

After you have purchased the presets, you have to add them into Lightroom, but you will be provided with an instruction on how to download them.

How can I cancel my subscription?

In order to cancel your subscription plan you'll need to log in to your account page and click Cancel Subscription button. If you can't find this button please contact us by an email or using our live chat and we'll be happy to assist you.